What is 12 Days of AI?

The 12 days of AI or #12doAI is an online course which, in 20 minutes a day over 12 days, gets you using a variety of different AI tools. Join us if you’ve ever wondered how AI works and how it might be relevant in a professional academic context, or if you’ve experimented with AI before but would like to explore further how it could help you professionally and learn a few extra tricks.

What will the course cover?

  • 12 different AI tools and how to set up them up for use
  • How these tools could be used in a teaching and learning context
  • Discussions about the potential and limitations of using these AI tools

When is the course?

The course is entirely self-directed and asynchronous. Youn can start at any time on your own time.

How do I access the course?

Start at the top menu under Daily Tasks. Each Daily Task is numbered in the order we recommend following.

What if I don’t have time every day?

There’s no need to stress – there’s always time to catch up later! All the materials and Daily Tasks will stay on this site, so you can still go at your own pace. Consider bookmarking our blog to return easily.

Does UAL offer certification for completion of this course?

No, UAL does not offer any certification or award for this course. It is purely for exploring tools, discussing with peers and skill building.

Who can I contact for help?

You can email teachingexchange@arts.ac.uk.