Day 11 – Creating discussion topics

Welcome to day 11 of the 12 Days of AI. Let’s learn about a multi-feature AI tool that could be useful for HE educators.

What is TeacherMatic?

Teachermatic is an AI-powered platform designed specifically for teachers. TeacherMatic offers various AI-generated tools to help educators, including lesson planning assistance, multiple-choice question maker, scheme of work generator, rubrics generator, and class question generator.

Read TeacherMatic’s privacy policy to learn about how they use information you share with them.

How do I access it?

First you need to create an account.and select Try Free to get started.

the Teachermatic logo is white text behind a blue background that has a computer generated shape of the earth and other shapes. It reads: revolutionise teaching using AI.
Teachermatic Logo

Your Task:

Once you’ve created an account and logged into TeacherMatic, there are many options from creating schemes of work to laboratory sessions. Today, we will just try out one of the three activities below but if you have time try some of the other activities.

Choose one activity:

  • Create some classroom discussion topics
  • Create a plenary session activity
  • Another activity of your choice

Alternatives to TeacherMatic:

There’s an AI for that (a useful site for all AI) lists several alternatives to TeacherMatic.

Additional resource:

Join the discussion

Reply below or tweet your comment using the hashtag #12DoAI.

  • What did you think of TeacherMatic?
  • Do you think you will use it in your teaching?
  • What features did you like? What didn’t you like about it?
  • Is it too focused on secondary schools rather than Art School teaching?
  • What will be its long term impact on HE teaching and learning?
  • Could teachers become consumers of ‘recylcled expertise, rather than members of a shared community of practice’?

Today us the last day…

To enter the competition – you could win a 1 year license to TeacherMatic or a Tobbie robot! Enter before 17:00!

5 Comments on “Day 11 – Creating discussion topics

  1. Another mind blowing use of AI here! I found my 5 free generates were quickly used, just at the point I was getting deeper into it! I’m not sure this offers outputs above and beyond those that would be returned by good use of Prompts, but it is however a handy dashboard for teachers to plan, and save time!

  2. This tool is awesome. I totally agree with Darren Thompson that the free quota runs out very quickly. I was not able to do ‘another activity of your choice’. The customisation by complexity and Bloom’s taxonomy is really handy to help create discussion topics suitable for students of different levels and for different educational need. The platform looks very versatile and could allow one to generate many different types of educational activities. Perhaps, this is a third-party tool UAL could consider.

  3. This was very interesting. I asked it to generate a multiple choice question set based on WCAG accessibility standards. This was not great, tbh.
    I then gave it a task to create a worksheet in French based around the topic of new technlogies. This was definitely something that I could have used in a High School setting – although it didn’t give answers and some of the gaps or questions could have had multiple answers.
    Finally, I went onto HE and asked it to generate me a Scheme of Work very similar to this ’12 days of AI’ course that we have been doing – and it was awesome! One thing that really impressed me was that it committed one of the twelve sessions to AI and assistive technology / inclusion / equality.
    I could definitely make use of this in a variety of contexts / workshops, but I would see more use for it in Secondary school, and probably I would still be tweaking / changing the sessions to make them a bit more creative / bring in my own voice and experience. But, if you were utterly stuck for ideas, it would probably be a good starting point.

  4. This seems to be an invaluable one-stop-shop for the teacher and it’s nice to see that for all the talk of how students use AI, there is a tool that enables tutors to be creative at the touch of a button instead of wasting time scouring various sites for materials that ‘aren’t quite right’.

    It would be nice if UAL would fund a full subscription licence with all the bells and whistles for all tutors as it could have a really positive effect on the materials created for the students.

  5. Our tutors were unimpressed with this tool – they seemed to think they could generate the same results in ChatGPT with a fairly basic grasp of prompt engineering…

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